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OCS Financial Aid Application

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Application Agreement

Academic Year 2020-2021
FINANCIAL AID PHILOSOPHY AND REQUIREMENTS: Oaks Christian School provides a significant level of financial aid resources that are institutionally and privately donor funded. Financial aid is made available only to assist financially deserving students--to bridge the gap between annual cost of tuition and what a family can realistically afford. Demonstrated financial need and the level at which administration deems the student to be a good fit for our school’s mission form the basis of financial aid awards offered to the student. Families should seek financial aid from Oaks Christian School only if they can clearly demonstrate financial need and only after the family has carefully determined that their realistic annual contribution will not cover the cost of tuition. The financial aid evaluation via the FACTS application considers all financial data from the family, including items such as automobiles owned, whether both parents work, income and assets, and what the family states as the maximum contribution they can make toward tuition on an annual basis. Families applying for financial aid must be as honest and forthright as possible when they state the amount that they can contribute to their student’s annual educational costs. A partnership between the school and the family can only work when the family makes a sacrificial contribution toward the tuition costs each year. A family who applies for financial aid but cannot demonstrate clear financial need, or who fails to state honestly their fair and sacrificial maximum contribution, may place their student at a disadvantage for both financial aid and admission consideration. The admission process must, to some degree, consider the ability to pay in the admission formula. We do not encourage any family with the ability to pay the cost of tuition from their own financial resources to apply for financial aid. We encourage only families who can clearly demonstrate financial need to apply for financial assistance. In addition, we strongly encourage each and every Oaks family, regardless of how much financial assistance is received, to give generously of their time, talents, and finances, as they are able. In this way, our goal of making an Oaks Christian School education a possibility for all deserving students can be realized.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF FINANCIAL AID AWARD: As a recipient (student and parents) of a financial aid award at Oaks Christian School (OCS), both parents are required to sign this document that contains the Terms and Conditions of the award. Original parent signatures are required in all cases, regardless of the legal marital status of the parents, unless one parent has no custodial rights or legal authority to make educational decisions on behalf of the student. Stepparents are also required to sign this form if they are legally married to the parent of the student. No financial aid award will be posted to the student’s financial aid account until the signed Terms and Conditions form is submitted to the financial aid office. The violation of these terms and conditions is grounds for immediate revocation and termination of the financial aid award. OCS reserves the right to revoke a financial aid award during the current semester in which a violation may occur and the full cost of tuition of that and future semesters will be the responsibility of the family.

1. A family may apply for and receive a financial aid award only if they genuinely require the financial subsidy in order to make student enrollment possible. The statement provided by the family regarding the maximum contribution the family can sacrificially make on an annual basis must be a true and fair statement of contribution. A family must immediately disclose if this statement has misrepresented the family’s true ability to contribute toward the cost of tuition.

2. All awards at OCS are solely need-based awards. Recipients are not allowed to characterize financial aid awards in any other general way than as such. No reference or inference regarding any athletic, merit, academic, leadership or talent award shall be made by the recipients at any time.

3. Financial aid awards are strictly confidential and proprietary only to the immediate family of the student. No recipient shall disclose the amount of an OCS Financial Aid Award to any outside party of any kind, under any circumstances.

4. Financial aid awards are contingent upon the personal conduct of the student and, to some degree, of the parents in regards to the school. Disciplinary action that must be taken by the school and its officials based upon student and/or parent conduct can jeopardize the status of the financial aid award.

5. Financial aid awards are contingent upon academic achievement and citizenship in the classroom. Substandard academic performance and/or citizenship and failure to make satisfactory academic progress can result in the revocation of the financial aid award. Students who earn any grade of “F” or two grades of “D” in a given semester, and/or earn below a “C” cumulative grade point average (2.00 GPA), will be at risk of financial aid revocation.

6. I authorize OCS to confirm that no balance is owed to any educational institution prior to the posting of the OCS Financial Aid Award to the student account.

7. OCS reserves the right to audit any and all financial records that are submitted as the demonstration of financial need on behalf of the student. Failure to provide the required documentation, or should inaccurate or false financial data be discovered, this shall be grounds for immediate revocation of the financial aid award.

8. Financial awards are made on an annual basis; a new financial aid application and supporting documentation must be submitted by the appropriate deadlines each subsequent year. Every effort is made to keep financial aid awards comparable from year to year, provided that the family financial status does not vary significantly in subsequent years. Failure to reapply by the established deadlines or to complete the financial aid application in its entirety can result in the non-renewal of the financial aid award.

9. If during the course of any academic year the family’s financial situation changes and the strength of the family’s financial status significantly increases, and the financial need decreases, the family must notify the financial aid office that they may have a greater ability to contribute toward the tuition at OCS.

10. Failure to pay all tuition and fee balances owed (including any additional fees as required, such as team uniforms, library fines, fieldtrip costs, etc.) on a timely basis may result in the forfeiture of the financial aid award for all subsequent semesters.